44 Eye-Catching Chrome Nails Amp Up Your Manicure Game

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the chrome nails trend rock the internet for the past few months. It’s one of the most popular and striking manicures looks to revolutionize your nail game. Not only does it look gorgeous, striking, and luxurious, it’s actually uncomplicated and inexpensive to achieve! Chrome nails are a style that everyone who enjoys pretty and dazzling manicures should try at least once. There are a million and one ways to do chrome nails, so it is a trend that is bound to be loads of fun.

Chrome nails are a metallic, high-polish manicure style that takes reflectiveness and high-polish to new levels. Instead of a traditional metallic nail polish, chrome polish isn’t actually a polish at all. In order to achieve the chrome look, you use a normal base color with a chrome powder applied to them. The effect you get from this layering process is a finish that almost looks like a 3D reflection of light. It’s smoother than glitter and more sparkly than a metallic polish. It’s the best of every world if you love glamour. Depending on what powder you use and how you apply it, you can get anything from a holographic to a mirrored effect.

1) Short Silver Chrome Nail Manicure
If you’re digging the chrome nail trend, but want to keep things understated, go for a solid silver chrome nail. It’s glamorous and beautiful enough to garner loads of compliments, but not so glitzy that it doesn’t work with every lifestyle. Manicure types that everyone can achieve are always an awesome choice and a great place for beginner’s to start.

Short Silver Chrome Nail Manicure

2) Baby Pink One Metallic Chrome Nail
One way to do chrome nails is to add it to only one nail. Baby pink glossy nails look excellent with one chrome nail popping out from all the rest. It’s sweet-looking and will be less time-consuming than your average chrome manicure. Adding in some matching pink rhinestones will make them look like designer nails you can do yourself.

Baby Pink One Metallic Chrome Nail

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