Have A Good Dream With These Dreamcatcher Nails

Bad dreams are always one of the worst experiences of every human living. When you have a bad dream or worse, a nightmare, chances are your day will be ruined.It was believed among the Chippewa tribe in America and the Ojibwa tribe in Canada that a mythical spider woman would visit the cribs of newly born infants and spin a web to protect the babies. Over the time, it became difficult for her to reach all the cribs. So the women of the tribe would make their own dreamcatcher to protect their newborns.

The dreamcatcher is a woven net or web decorated with certain materials such as shells, leather, beads, gemstones, feathers, and so on. Intricate may the design be, dream catchers are also a hit in nail art. There are a lot of nail art designs out there that features a dream catcher or part of it like its feathers or the main mesh itself.Usually colorfully presented, dreamcatcher nails are showcased with a variety of different feathers, inside webbing patterns, and jewelry shapes, which makes it a fun nail art design to add your own sense of creativity.

Today we have rounded up some beautiful dreamcatcher nail designs for your inspiration. All of them are perfect for rocking on your day.

Thank you for your reading and we hope you like these.

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